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Konik's Tail Vodka



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Time stands still in Bialowieza, Poland’s last remaining primeval forest. So still, the snap of a twig alerts the native Konik to gather and gallop at great speed through the ancient forest. Sure footed on their time-worn path, their shimmering tails brush and blend with the silver birch, stirring up the pure air of this enchanted place. The primeval Konik is the elusive spirit of the forest. To catch a glimpse is said to ensure a good harvest for the making of great vodka.

Konik's Tail is a small batch super premium vodka produced in accordance with uncompromising Polish vodka-making traditions dating back over six hundred years. Handcrafted under the watchful eye of Pleurat Shabani and Bernadeta Ejsmont the Mistrz Ceremonii (Master of the Cellar) an obsession with quality at each stage of the production process ensures that each bottle can be enjoyed just as Pleurat intended.

A unique blend of three grains: Ancient Spelt Wheat, Golden Rye and Early Winter Wheat, Konik's Tail is rich in flavour and surprisingly complex, each of the grains bringing it’s own distinctive character to the blend. In order to ensure the integrity of every bottle, each batch of grain entering the distillery has a unique lot number, so the grain can be traced back to the field from where it was harvested.

Produced in column stills where only the purest alcohol is collected and filtered through silver birch charcoal from the Bialowieza forest itself, the alcoholic strength of Konik’s Tail is set at 40% ABV. This not only allows the complexity of the individual grains to shine through but also gives Konik’s Tail it’s rich, smooth character setting it apart from other vodka when mixed in cocktails or enjoyed neat.

Each bottle is filled by hand and dressed with a parchment label embossed with three wild Koniks, each representing one of the three grains in this unique blend. The bottle is finally sealed and signed by The Master Distiller himself.

Country: Poland

ABV: 40%

Bottle Size: 70cl

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