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Akashi-Tai, Shiraume Umeshu (Plum Infused Liqueur)



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The Akashi Sake Brewery stretches back to the end of the Tokugawa Period (1600-1867), when the company produced soy sauce and traded in rice. In 1918, the company started making fine sake. Over the years, Akashi Sake Brewery has expanded and modernized its sake-brewing activities, and now produces and sells a wide variety of products from premium sakes to varieties of distilled spirit shochu.
Conventional umeshu, or plum liqueur, is made by preserving Japanese ume plums in distilled spirits. However, Shiraume is a luxurious plum liqueur made by preserving plums in the finest of Japanese sakes — premium ginjo sake made from Yamada Nishiki rice. In Shiraume, the mild flavor of brewed sake nurtured to perfection blends harmoniously with the fruity flavor of ume plums.
Dry fruit, date and plum.  Sweet and rich dry fruits and plum flavours with a dry finish.

Country: Japan

ABV: 14%

Bottle Size: 50cl

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